Amazon Category Approval Service

Channel Supply experts consist of a team of experienced consultants, who are former Amazon workers, themselves. We understand everything there is to know about the Amazon marketplace and their selling support system. We know the steps that are involved in getting approved for a specific category can be exhausting. Our experts can handle all the important details, big or small, to get you approved quickly to sell in the category of your choice.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the approval process and how we can help.

As an Amazon seller, what do I need to know about their selling categories?

Amazon offers what’s called open and restricted categories to sell your products under. Open categories are departments that allow you to sell your product in without an approval. These are great for getting started and building a reputation as a seller. Once you’re a little more established and have a good sales history, you can try to apply for approval to access some of the restricted categories, to further your marketing efforts. We can evaluate your situation and consult with you on which is better for your Amazon selling the business.

Why should I gain approval to sell my products on Amazon?

Having access to sell in some of the more lucrative categories, within the Amazon marketplace, can be a game-changer for you and your business. By opening up more departments to sell it, you’re increasing your customer base as well as product exposure. But, gaining the approval necessary to start making profits in the category of your choice may be an uphill battle. Amazon has an approval process that contains some steep hurdles to overcome, in some cases. Each part of the application process can be a nightmare with all the documentation requirements and detailed information they request. We are familiar with the Amazon’s approval process and can pinpoint exactly what you need to increase your chances of getting approval.

What is a restricted category and why does Amazon have them?

Amazon takes their reputation seriously when it comes to providing their customers with top-notch products. We all know that they’ve worked long and hard to gain the trust of their customers, and they want to keep it that way. What company wouldn’t be choosy about the sellers they allow on their website, in those circumstances? Amazon wants to make sure that anyone listing products for sale, under their company’s marketplace, is not going to offer knock-off items or provide shabby products.

That’s why they have restricted categories to sell in. You must be able to show that you can be one of their trusted sellers, who care about their customers just as much as they do. Yes, it can be tiresome to get through all the paperwork necessary to get approved, but it’s worth it in the end. Don’t worry if the thought of trudging through all the application steps overwhelms you. We’re experts at this and can help you prepare everything you need to start the application process.

Is the application process hard?

It can be long and burdensome for some categories while being quick and easy for others. It all depends on the product or category you’re asking permission to gain access to. It’s important to note that Amazon’s approval process will require more than just some basic information. The requirements for each category will be different but expect to provide images of your products to show the quality and its authenticity. You may also be asked to provide invoice documents that prove you have stock to sell on hand, and where you got them from.

Amazon doesn’t mess around when it comes to their business reputation. They need you to prove that you’re providing high-quality goods that aren’t fake or pirated from elsewhere. We know just what you’ll need to become one of their tops, trusted sellers. We can help you prepare all the necessary paperwork to lessen the frustrations the application process brings.

Is there anything else I'll need to get category approval for selling my product?

Well, this depends on what you’re wanting to sell. There are instances where you’ll need permission from a brand owner before gaining approval to sell in a category. In that case, you’re not just representing Amazon; you’re representing the company that owns the brand of that product. Your reputation as a seller needs to be top-notch and they want to protect their brand by making sure you’re not trying to sell counterfeit items of their product.

What is meant by Ungating Services and is this something I need??

Amazon has many different “gated” categories, where they place strict restrictions on the sellers that are allowed to sell within those departments. Ungating means that you have gone through the approval process and were accepted by Amazon to gain access to that category to list your products in. A reputable business, in this field, will offer engaging services to help increase your chances of getting accepted by Amazon as a seller in that category.

We know what requirements are necessary and we know what needs to be done to get you permission to sell in the department you want. If you’re a proven seller, we can get you an approval on the category you need to bring your selling business to a more lucrative level.


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