Getting Your Business Going on Amazon

Congratulations!  You’ve made the decision to open up your own shop on Amazon!  Online retail has become a huge market.  It offers convenience and can reach customers that aren’t even remotely close to where you do business.  Following the growing online trend, you’re sure to find success.

You have your idea, you just need to set up shop and get going.  Your products are solid, and you have support from everyone you know.  However, you can’t seem to figure out how to begin.  Looking at the other retailers on Amazon, you feel intimidated.  How can you possibly compete?

Getting started doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience.  We’re here to help you find your place in this large and expanding market.

Know Your Product

The most important aspect of selling a product is knowing it from top to bottom.  You know its flaws, its strengths, and uses.  You can describe it in detail.  If you don’t know your product well and cannot write a strong description of it, then it’s time to teach yourself about it.  The more you know, the better you can serve your customers.  It is much easier to sell something that you are well acquainted with.

Setting Up Shop

Once you know your products, it’s time to get ready to sell them.  Take some time and look around the shops of other retailers to get some ideas on what you would like your shop to look like.  How do they describe their products?  What kind of reviews do they have? How are you going to make your product or products stand out when someone searches for an item?

Getting started with selling on Amazon is easy.  If you have an existing account, you can log in and follow the “Sell” tab at the top of the page.  Here, you are then directed to sign up for a retailer account.  Once signed up, you can add your products to your store.  Make sure that you have high quality pictures of what you’re selling.  Customers want to see what they’re buying.  Show them what they will get and don’t deceive them.

Along with the pictures, you need to have detailed product descriptions.  When someone searches for an item, you want yours to show up in the search results.  Use strong key words in the product title and description

Brand Yourself

From the beginning, you want to be a seller with high integrity.  If your customer is dissatisfied, don’t be afraid to make it right.  You get your reviews from your customers, and your customer service will help drive positive reviews.  Along with high quality products, customer service must be at the top of your list.  Set your standards high from the beginning.

Be Consistent

In all that you do with your online shop, the main component of success is to be consistent.  Respond to your customers.  Answer questions.  Make every customer feel valuable.  If you stay consistent, you will see growth.

Everyone has to start somewhere.  Don’t be intimidated by being new to the game.  Be confident in yourself and your products.  Be the salesperson that you want to buy from.  While selling online goes much deeper than this, these are the components you will need to get a strong start!

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