Amazon Seller Guide: How Package Inserts Create Repeat Customers, Increase sales!

  1. Package inserts count as one of the least expensive and most effective marketing tools around. These little ride-along can be printed inexpensively and be sent more or less for free. You just need to slip them into a package you’re already going to be shipping out. What’s more, these types of marketing tools have no danger of going into your customer’s spam folder. They’re included right in a box you’re shipping directly to your customers’ homes.

2. In light of this, imagine what such a marketing program could do for an Amazon Seller’s business. Amazon Sellers’ businesses automatically have a high volume of shipped items going out each day. If you’re brainstorming for ideas to make your Amazon Seller’s business more profitable, adding package inserts may be just the solution you’re looking for. Here are some ideas to implement to that end, plus a word of caution as you move forward.

Offer Coupons or Discounts

An article on Shopify suggests that marketers offer their customers a coupon good for money off the cost of another purchase. Coupons can provide a 10%, 20%, or greater discount on popular products or services. Some vendors will provide discounts for shipping, offer a related gift item, or a credit toward a new purchase as a variation on this theme.

If the customer you’re sending the insert to is a regular customer, then you already have some idea of what they like to order. In this case, coupons make a lot of sense. However, if the customer is new, then you may not have as good an idea of what they’d like. In these cases, credit toward a new purchase or free shipping may be the way to go.

Try Piggyback Marketing

Piggyback marketing is where you partner with one more more businesses in your industry to split advertising costs. The trick, however, is not to partner with a direct competitor. Rather, you want to partner with businesses that complement yours.

Here’s how this works. Let’s say that your business produces pet toys. You might partner with a business that produces pet food or pet beds. By partnering with these business, you not only reduce your marketing costs, you also broaden the reach of your customer base. Essentially, the other business’s customers become your customers and vice versa.

Things to Keep in Mind

There is one thing you want to keep in mind as you move forward with an insert-marketing campaign, however. Even if you have a business website, and presumably, you do, you want to avoid putting your web address on the insert. Generally speaking, Amazon frowns upon sending customers to sites other than Amazon, even if it’s the site of a vendor who sells products on Amazon.

If you have a company website, it may be that some of your newly-won customers will find their way to your website anyway, just by doing a quick Google search. Let them take that route. You don’t lose your privileges as an Amazon Seller by directly sending customers away from Amazon’s main site.

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